Rosegal Halloween Sale

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Rosegal Halloween Sale for your party 

The legend of Halloween tells that the spirits of those who died during the year come back on the night of October 31 in search of a body to be owned for the following year.

Celts believed that in this magical night it was possible to merge the real world and the afterlife.

The  party was brought to the USA around 1840 by Irish immigrants.

The word Halloween has distant Anglo-Saxon origin; “All the santificine”, that is the night of each festival celebrated on October 31st.

The party has become fully integrated into Italian culture, so much so that it is considered a winter carnival and if for the youngest it is an awaited moment and full of fun, very often this event is incriminated as a party entirely trades

So during this night you could go to a fancy dress and you can either opt to present yourself in disguise or by adding a small dark detail to your clothing.
For this choice, I suggest you look at the Rosegal website where you see

Rosegal Halloween Sale

 Bell Sleeve Lace Up Lacing T-shirt – Black

 Bat Wings Plus Size Tunic Dress – Black


Women’s Zombie Ghost Bride Fancy Dress Halloween Costume – Black And Grey

And for you more surprise

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