Postpartum Girdles: Essential Pregnancy Gear

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Postpartum Girdles: Essential Pregnancy Gear

In pregnancy, the growing baby stretches the uterus which does not immediately return to its original size after such baby is born. Without intervention, the uterus may not shrink anymore, thus making the tummy bulge permanently. This is when exercise should come in. However, since the mother is already preoccupied in caring for her baby, workouts are most likely set aside for the time being. In this case, a Postpartum Girdle is very much needed. In fact even if exercise is currently being performed this girdle will augment the exercise routine.

These girdles are specially made for any woman who has just given birth. Though similar to the conventional girdle this particular kind is stronger as it serves more functions. These include supporting the new mother’s back when bending to carry her baby, when bathing it and etc. Available in different sizes there is one size which is perfect for a specific new mom’s shape. The usual styles to be selected from are the belt type and the panty type.

The belt girdle is wrapped around the sagging tummy, tightening the whole area in the process of putting the girdle in place, then finally fastening one end to the other end usually attached to Velcro strips. The user must feel comfortable while this is in place as this should be used most of the time. It must not be loose or too tight. Meanwhile, the panty girdle is worn just like any ordinary panty except for the flattening panels on the tummy area. When using any of these two types the wearer must never be uneasy and should be able to go on with their daily duties normally.

Choosing a particular type does depend on the user and usually comes down to what is most comfortable to wear. The most significant part is the end-result of wearing this type of garment and that is a shapelier figure. If a multi-faceted approach is carried out that includes a combination of regular exercise, an appropriate diet and the use of a Postpartum Girdle then getting the old figure back is in sight.

If you are looking for top postpartum girdle to buy then you should look for one that can give you the head start you need to get your body back to its old self, or maybe even an improved version.

  • Comfort

A good post pregnancy girdle will be comfortable so you can wear it as often as you’d like. For best results they should be worn as soon as possible after pregnancy and they should be worn for most of the day as well. The velcro versions are both comfortable and easily adjustable to fit any shape. They will come in different sizes depending upon your waist so be sure you purchase a size that is comfortable for you. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose or it won’t give the desired effects.

  • Provides back support

A post pregnancy girdle can help alleviate back pain that so many women experience after carrying and delivering a child. You will soon learn that carrying around a small infant will work muscles you probably didn’t even know you had. A girdle can provide you with good back support to minimize any discomfort that you may experience.

  • Help restore your pre-pregnancy figure

Having children does a number of things to our bodies with the most noticeable being the drastic changes we see on our midsection after delivering a child. The stomach muscles and skin will have been stretched to the limit and it’ll show. It’s completely normal for the belly to sag but wearing a post pregnancy girdle can speed up the time it takes for your internal organs and muscles to align themselves normally again, making your stomach flatter like it once was.

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