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According to a survey conducted by Who What Wear, some garments have been discovered that, according to one man, immediately make a woman sexier!

And I couldn’t do anything but bring them back here and tell you what they were!

It is obvious that we should not wear them all together.

It is obvious that we must pay particular attention to our body shape. But it would certainly be good to know what men think about it.

In short, basically when we prepare to go out, we spend only 3/4 of our evening in front of the mirror.

Deciding what to wear and if we don’t do it for men, who do we do it for?

I am therefore convinced that a help to know what they think directly suits all of us.
Often when we are in front of the closet still in his underwear, with the clock friarically clocking.

We begin to get confused, and out of desperation we begin to put on clothes without a logical sense, then going out of the house like old-fashioned gypsies.

Also, as you well know, you must also take into account your type of body, because I could show you a breathtaking dress that you like to go crazy, but with the problem that that’s fine with yours friend to Pera and not to you who are an Inverted Triangle.

So, to not stay here again and get pappardella again, if you still don’t know your body, go first to take a ride on the post “how to dress well”.

You understand what your shape is, after which you can come back here and continue reading this post with all the tips on outfits most popular on Saturday night.

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