New trends for 2020 weddings

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The moment of choosing the wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most exciting in life. The dreams of a child, the desires of a woman and the expectations of a future wife all lie there, in that unique and at times a little special garment.

The choice of color is very personal. It’s up to the bride to feel and decide to marry not with the classic white dress. In past collections we have also proposed models with fluorescent brush strokes.

The brides of 2020 are busy with the preparations and meanwhile the wedding sector continues to evolve, towards more personalized celebrations and attentive to the needs of the guests.
In many of the new collections we have noticed a return to clean clothes, with simple fabrics, such as white mikado or printed organza, however enriched with details, such as precious embroidery, pearls, bows, transparencies on the sleeves and on the body, etc.

Puff sleeves are a true trend of 2020, we have seen them in conventional fashion shows and they have not been missing even in the collections of the most prestigious bridal fashion brands.
The V-neckline is a trend in vogue for wedding dresses of 2020. This neckline lengthens the bust of the woman and flails it, making the figure very sexy. It is a very elegant neckline, usually inserted in minimalist clothes. The result is a classic and sophisticated style.

This year, the most famous collections feature very delicately colored or shaded dresses in champagne, blush pink or light blue. The candid white dress is always the most popular choice among the brides, but more and more those who are looking for something original and find in these models the fusion between modernity and elegance they were looking for.

now I would like to show you some really delicious and especially affordable wedding dresses

Mermaid Sweetheart Beach Boho Bridal Dress

Mermaid Open Back Multicolor Dip Dye Lace Wedding Dress


For a successful wedding, bridesmaid dresses also have a fundamental importance, because they are an additional element for the success of the bride. The important thing, however, is that they respect the first rule of every wedding: never tarnish the queen of the party, or the bride.
Bridesmaid dresses, the inseparable allies to wear to accompany the bride on her most special day. A fundamental element which, in view of the perfect wedding, must take into account numerous aspects such as details, volumes, cuts, shapes and drapes.
Short or long bridesmaid dresses to make a truly extraordinary ceremony unique thanks to linearity, essentiality and color. This elegant type of clothes is so capable of creating a splendid frame that can enhance your figure and your shapes. There are many types, declined in length, colors and patterns. Depending on when the wedding takes place, on a hot summer day in July or on a romantic winter morning, choosing the right formal dress has always been a fundamental moment.

Long Rum Pink Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


Simple Halter Knee Length Brown Bridesmaid Dress

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