Casual T-shirt for a simple look

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Casual T-shirt for a simple look firmed Rosegal

As for clothing, thanks to the place I own at home, I have several wardrobes and each of them has its own type of outfits: shirts, coats, casual clothes, elegant clothes, daily outfits, evening outfits. But this is because I have an active and different social life, I adapt with clothes according to the environment: work, home, friends, walks. BUT I must say that I also dress according to mood. Dressing according to mood is not always possible.

It is often demanding because it requires many adjustments to remain in a certain need, but it can give a lot of satisfaction and is usually what makes our style original and unmistakable colored, or I wake up pissed off – like today for example – or so sad to want to be transparent.
Do we need to follow these inputs? In my opinion yes, evaluating from time to time how much you can ‘transgress’ and opting for details or entire outfits.
Style is personality, it is uniqueness. And I am convinced that what remains impressed by a woman is always its authenticity. And that’s why I want to present you two casual sweaters bought by Rosegal, which show my look more black and gritty for those days when I want to feel rook but without losing a style of fashion

Plus Size Floral Skulls Raglan Sleeve T-shirt


As you can see this is the typical gritty mesh, rock. Gray background, a must color of this winter, black sleeves and at the center the print of a skull that might seem a very dark, shady print.

Instead you treat a beautiful crown on the head like a star, around the intertwined roses and an inscription ALLA BELLE  ETOILE.
So despite the design of the skull some details fashion, romantic and cheerful fashion.

Floral Pattern Long Sleeve Plus Size Draped T-shirt


A simple shirt, with a very sexy sweetheart neckline, all black, but on the sleeves has some particular white graffiti, which break simplicity. If it turns out to be too unglued, you can also wear a white top inside


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