Fashion sweatears and accessories for cold day

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My shopping on line for fashion sweatears and accessories for cold day and Valentine gift

Usually I do not suffer too cold, vice versa I hate the heat, this also because in the area where I rarely live winter temperatures fall below 12 degrees. Fashion, however, is always a warmer and heavier way, but at the same time being fashion.
In fact, for colors I love dark auri, maybe even with prints. I love sweaters that can be worn with leggings and boots. In fact, precisely because of this I wanted to present you my latest beautiful and cheap purchases on Rosegal

Di solito non amo vestire pesante, benchè è sempre bello essere al caldo. In ogni caso mi trovo in una zona dove le temperature non scendono al di sotto dei 12 gradi. Nonostante tutto ci sono giorni più freddi dove è necessario indossare dei maglioni pesanti. Dunque ho fatto degli acquisti on line, tuttavia ho cercato modelli che siano fashion, benchè mantengono caldi. Inoltre ho comprato anche degli accessori, praticamente ho creato dei caldi outfits

Ma in occasione della festa degli innamorati, volevo ricordarvi che a breve sarà San Valentino, e il sito offre tantissimi regali o outfit per questo giorno importante.

Another year has passed and Valentine’s Day has already arrived! The official day of lovers from all over the world. And like every year you want to make a surprise to your couple with a gift In fact, you do not know what to take and do not want to spend too much. All that has been done is the truth, it is a year longer so as to be confident for your couple, that’s why we have designed and selected the best gifts for Valentine’s Day in this category. Gifts that will whisper “Remember me” as the song well says. Gifts like clothes, clothes for him and accessories.

You can buy  valentine gifts on the follow site

Ora vediamo cosa ha di nuovo e di bello il mio armadio

Drop Shoulder Lip Sequin Sweater

I immediately loved this sweater for the front print: two lips that intertwine in a fiery kiss. Perfect visibility, strong and beautiful colors.

Amo questo maglione, in effetti la stampa è bellissima


Glitter Asymmetric Ombre Sweater – Black + Silver

A fashion sweater and particular thanks to the glitter. Very nice for special evenings.

Finalmente un maglione fashion da indossare nelle serate particolari

Asymmetric Pullover Plus Size Crew Neck Sweater 

Asymmetrical sweater with different colors, so that it can be combined with different shades of trousers

 High Low Drop Shoulde Tunic Sweater

I took 2 different colors of these sweaters. It was the only model that was not exactly the same as the photo of the site, but we’re just talking about fabric. In fact, the fabric seemed slightly lighter, they require very warm as sweaters, indeed perhaps it was even better. Pretty long and perfect on leggings

Outdoor Chunky Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

I really love the crew necklaces, they are warm and comfortable, in fact I bought two different ones for the colors: forest green and black. Casual and perfect everywhere

Outdoor Letter V Shape Hollow Out Fingerless Knitted Gloves

Of course they could not miss the gloves with a particular cut. In fact, I do not usually use gloves that completely cover the hands and fingers. This is because I am usually all day in the car and I do not have good grip on the steering and I am also a smoker. I should take off my gloves often. Instead this model is perfect!

Do you like my shopping on line?

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